Thursday, August 9, 2007

View From The Point Of A Bird Cage - Part II

Wanna know how it happened? Well Granny left to get her hair done, you know how she likes to keep herself... And as soon as Granny leaves Tweety starts chirpin' at Sylvester. "Why don't you catch a mouse you silly putty tat, eat a mouse, don't eat me!" she would say. "You're so lazy you silly putty tat."

Well old Sylvester, he's gettin' up there in age, on his eighth life. Well he put up with a alot, from the other cats in the neighbourhood like, because he lived with a bird. All the other stray cats used to make fun of him, not so much as they would tease Tom for living with Jerry, but enough that old Sylvester he wanted revenge. He wanted to live up to his daddy's name!

Well Tweety was flitting around the cage, chirping about the lack of brains Sylvester had, and old Sylveser got so wound up I thought he was gonna pop. Imagine the mess a popped kitty would mkae... So Sylvester crawled up on a chiar and snuck up behind Tweety. She was just a chirpin' away, lost in her own little world. She had a habit of doing that, especially when the window was open and she could hear all the other little birdies singing to thier hearts content. Now where was I? Oh yes, Sylvester snuck up on Tweety, and he's not the slyest cat on the block, but just at the very moment Sylvester grabbed my door latch, this gum ball came flying through the open window.

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