Monday, August 13, 2007


when you spoke those words to me
my heart stopped
nausea at my throat
my eyes stung with tears


.....selfish betrayal

as thick as smoke
smothers me

all at once
my heart is pounding in my chest
my lungs are filled with air
my head is screaming
my throat is dry
my eyes...

my eyes are open

and for good or bad
here we are

standing on the edge of


we must

make a choice

Friday, August 10, 2007

Scarlet Black

Scarlet Black
are the colours of my heart,
Two shades that will never part.

Two halves as one,
but the further I go
the Darker half seems to grow.

Will the brighter part move to match?
Grow to cover all the pain
and bring me back to Light again.

The classic coup between good and evil.
Will the sterling rise or fall
as the Darkness come to call?

I find no solace anywhere.
How can I know which way to go
when my heart pulls me to and fro?

Will this torment go on forever?
Is there an accord the two can reach
or from shining Light will I move to breach?

This is a battle of immense power,
One that I fear has no end.
Oh, I must believe my heart can mend.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

View From The Point Of A Bird Cage - Part III

Now I didn't know it was a gum ball until later, but it his Tweety smack dab in the middle of her tiny little birdie ribs! I was sure the poor dear died of a heart attack right there. But she still had one more breath in those birdie lungs of hers, I heard it escape from her beak, "Sylvester, you'll get yours..."

Just as the feathers had settled down Granny came home. She noticed me swingin' around like mad, I was trying to get her attention so she would see the gum ball. But poor Sylvester was sitting directly beneath me and the gum ball dropped right in front of him. Now Sylvester was pretty hungry, having worked up an appetite trying to climb up to the cage, and he licked up that gum ball so fast that all Granny saw was Tweety lying on her back, my cage swinging back and forth and Sylvester licking his lips. She didn't even have time to look out the window to see the neighbourhood hoodlum running away. Cuz if she'd even glanced in that direction she would've seen Dennis the Meanace running full tilt with a handfull of gumballs... Well Granny got the corn broom and came after Sylvester faster than a fat kid on a Smartie!

So now old that old putty tat is lyin' pretty low, he on his last life you know... And poor Tweety, well Granny's got her stuffed and sittin' in one of her fake plants. And I just sit here swingin'...

View From The Point Of A Bird Cage - Part II

Wanna know how it happened? Well Granny left to get her hair done, you know how she likes to keep herself... And as soon as Granny leaves Tweety starts chirpin' at Sylvester. "Why don't you catch a mouse you silly putty tat, eat a mouse, don't eat me!" she would say. "You're so lazy you silly putty tat."

Well old Sylvester, he's gettin' up there in age, on his eighth life. Well he put up with a alot, from the other cats in the neighbourhood like, because he lived with a bird. All the other stray cats used to make fun of him, not so much as they would tease Tom for living with Jerry, but enough that old Sylvester he wanted revenge. He wanted to live up to his daddy's name!

Well Tweety was flitting around the cage, chirping about the lack of brains Sylvester had, and old Sylveser got so wound up I thought he was gonna pop. Imagine the mess a popped kitty would mkae... So Sylvester crawled up on a chiar and snuck up behind Tweety. She was just a chirpin' away, lost in her own little world. She had a habit of doing that, especially when the window was open and she could hear all the other little birdies singing to thier hearts content. Now where was I? Oh yes, Sylvester snuck up on Tweety, and he's not the slyest cat on the block, but just at the very moment Sylvester grabbed my door latch, this gum ball came flying through the open window.

From The Point of View of a Bird Cage - Part I

I hang here all alone. Tweetie used to keep me company, but sadly she's no longer with us. She was such a bright little birdie, not so smart though, always had a cat prowling around. It seems to me had she not provoked him, the cat would've found something else to occupy his time. Ah well no one asks me, I just hang around... She sure had a hate on for him...

Diva's Writing Exercise 2

Write for 2o minutes - no editing.
Write from the Point of View of a glass on the edge of the table.

The last thing i remember is her taking me out of the cupboard and filling me with Merlot. I can still feel the way the warm liquid sloshed on my sides and she swayed to the victrola. I've never heard this song before. She sings to herslef as she sips from my side.

Scarlet Sweetheart is the colour of her lipstick. Now it adorn me, the waxy feel of her lips and tongue excite me. She is decked out in pearls and lace. I can't remember the last time i was out. She's celebrating something.

A knock ont he door startles her. She puts me on the piano and leaves the room. I can feel the warm sunset on my etched crystal as it shines throught the burgundy drapes - the colour of the liquid i'm holding.

I can hear her in the other room. She is no longer alone. Another voice? A man's voice. Murmurs outside the parlour.

She returns and the burly blond man with the mustache follows her in. They argue. She walks to the window and says words to him - i don't understand. They are foreign and hard sounding, not the gentle flow of English i am used to.

She turns to him and laughs - i can tell that it is not a laugh of joy, but of fear.

Suddenly, i am lifted in the air by the frightening man. He moves me too harshly and the waves of wine cascade over my side and onto the carpet below.

She yelps and rushes to pull me from his hand. She and i walk over to the sofa and sit. Once more, she sips from my edges. Her soft warm lips on my, her sweet tongue catching a misguided drop. Her soft hands cradling my found body. She puts me on the table. It is the last time i feel her.

The man is upset. He rounds the table and grabs her wrists and pulls her from the sofa - she hangs there - suspended by his strong arms. She is crying now. "No, no" she says. I understand those words.

i am scared. She tries to pull away from him but he is too strong for her.

the commotion jostles the table and suddenly i am caught by vertigo. The world is upside down, and as i topple over, i can't see her anymore.

As i land on the table, i feel a large crack at my stem and i am in agony as it makes its path to my rim.

As the wine splashes onto the table and the floor, i see the large man huddled over top of her breathing heavily.

As the last drops flow from my broken shell hee rises and walks to the door. She does not move. His hands are red. I can see from my spot on the edge of the table that the floor is rapidly flowing red, and i know that that is not my wine.

The sun has set and the room has gone dark. The victrola has stopped its music some time back.

The wine on the table is black from the darkness.

It's quiet in here.

Dark and quiet.

Diva's Writing Exersice

Write for 20 minutes - no editing.

Write a pure dialogue story. Make your story move along by using dialogues *only*. No Narration. No Description...Just dialogue.

'Hey, watchya got there?'

'....are you talking to me?'

'Yeah. What is that? What do you have?'

'What? Nothing. It's nothing. I don't have anything.'

'i saw something. you're holding it behind your back, lemme see it. C'mon.'

'No, uhm. i can't. It's a secret.'

'Is that....chocolate??'

'What?!? No!'

'It is too! You have chocolate! How on earth did you get that in here?'


'Seriously, how'd you get that past the counselor? I thought everyone had their bags checked before they came in? They dumped out mine. i had a stash of twizzlers in my socks - but they took that too.'

'look - you can't say anything, okay? i don't want to get in trouble. i just can't operate on salads. Rabbit food.'

'hey, i won't say a thing....for half that chocolate.'


'That's the price of secrecy, my friend. If you want to taste that sweet sweet chocolate, you better hand over my share. You think i like carrots and celery anymore than you? Christ, i'd practically give my left nut for a bag of Doritoes right now. That is - if they'd drop...Hahahaha...y'know what i mean?...Shit. You don't know. You're just a baby rookie. Hand over the chocolate, Rookie.'

'Fine!....Here, happy now?'

'Mmmm. yesh. Thatsh good shit.'

'Okay, so here's the truth. i have this cousin. He went to this camp for years. he told me all the secret hiding spots. the trouble is - i have to sneak out to the edge by the lake - that's where my cousin will bring the goods. i need a good lookout. That can be you if you can keep a secret. He said he made a killing selling this stuff to the other campers.'

'i'm listening'

'kay, i didn't want to come here, and i'm guessing you didn't either. So, if i'm going to be stuck here all summer - we might as well make some cash. i figure we'll sell at a huge profit, and after i pay my cousin, you and i will still make enought dough to make this summer not a complete and total loss.'

'Shit. Am i ever glad you got assigned to my bunk. What's your name again?'


'Jeff. Nice to meet you .....partner'

'Yeah, partner.'

'So - what's your plan?'

'Well, - i figure we'll get the inventory from my cuz, and then we'll wait a few days - until everyone's crazy and sick of this health crap. Then, we'll spread the word to one or two of the guys and wait for the power of Word of Mouth to take hold. Then you and i will be rolling in it.'

'Man, i wish i would've thought of this two years ago, i'd be rich by now.'

'yeah, the hard part is not eating it all.'


'well - this chocolate we're eating? That's it. Enjoy it while you can. After you're done - that's it.'

'what the hell? why have all this food if you're not going to eat it?'

'Because i can get five bucks for this chocolate with a properly motivated buyer. That - and my parents said if i don't take off the weight i'm going to Military School in the fall. and i say "fuck that!" Besides, someone's got to keep losing weight or the counselors will notice. So you and i are going to follow the diet AND the exercise - and when we leave we'll be forty pounds lighter and much much richer. My cousin lost 50 pounds and then totally slept with a cheerleader. That.....can be us!'

'shit! you're serious?....ok. ....i guess i'm in! Let's do it partner!'

'let's do it.'