Friday, August 10, 2007

Scarlet Black

Scarlet Black
are the colours of my heart,
Two shades that will never part.

Two halves as one,
but the further I go
the Darker half seems to grow.

Will the brighter part move to match?
Grow to cover all the pain
and bring me back to Light again.

The classic coup between good and evil.
Will the sterling rise or fall
as the Darkness come to call?

I find no solace anywhere.
How can I know which way to go
when my heart pulls me to and fro?

Will this torment go on forever?
Is there an accord the two can reach
or from shining Light will I move to breach?

This is a battle of immense power,
One that I fear has no end.
Oh, I must believe my heart can mend.


i am the diva said...

Thanks for joining us.
great poem

i am the diva said...
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