Thursday, August 9, 2007

View From The Point Of A Bird Cage - Part III

Now I didn't know it was a gum ball until later, but it his Tweety smack dab in the middle of her tiny little birdie ribs! I was sure the poor dear died of a heart attack right there. But she still had one more breath in those birdie lungs of hers, I heard it escape from her beak, "Sylvester, you'll get yours..."

Just as the feathers had settled down Granny came home. She noticed me swingin' around like mad, I was trying to get her attention so she would see the gum ball. But poor Sylvester was sitting directly beneath me and the gum ball dropped right in front of him. Now Sylvester was pretty hungry, having worked up an appetite trying to climb up to the cage, and he licked up that gum ball so fast that all Granny saw was Tweety lying on her back, my cage swinging back and forth and Sylvester licking his lips. She didn't even have time to look out the window to see the neighbourhood hoodlum running away. Cuz if she'd even glanced in that direction she would've seen Dennis the Meanace running full tilt with a handfull of gumballs... Well Granny got the corn broom and came after Sylvester faster than a fat kid on a Smartie!

So now old that old putty tat is lyin' pretty low, he on his last life you know... And poor Tweety, well Granny's got her stuffed and sittin' in one of her fake plants. And I just sit here swingin'...

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i am the diva said...

methinks the cat was framed!!