Monday, August 13, 2007


when you spoke those words to me
my heart stopped
nausea at my throat
my eyes stung with tears


.....selfish betrayal

as thick as smoke
smothers me

all at once
my heart is pounding in my chest
my lungs are filled with air
my head is screaming
my throat is dry
my eyes...

my eyes are open

and for good or bad
here we are

standing on the edge of


we must

make a choice


Original Fire said...

That's some pretty powerful stuff. My heart was racing by the time i got to the end. Very vivid with pure emotion. Except for the 'betrayal' part, what you wrote is exactly what i feel i'm going thru right

Anonymous said...

Reading this felt like being captured in the moment. The impression left is intense.

i am the diva said...

it was an intense moment. thanks for commenting.

savia said...

I love the form of this poem. Nicely done!